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Join us for the first ever Impact Call: Expanding the definition of transparency

Impact Call FINAL

GuideStar led the first revolution in nonprofit transparency by posting IRS Forms 990 online nearly two decades ago. That resulted in greater accountability in nonprofit practice and greater transparency in compensation, program effectiveness, and giving across the sector.

Now we’re helping to lead a second revolution. We want to expand the definition of transparency to be more timely, interactive, inclusive, and comprehensive.

On Monday, February 24, at 2 pm ET, we are holding the first ever Impact Call, and we invite you to join us. Loosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly-owned companies, the Impact Call is open to everyone and will be the first step in addressing these new transparency definitions.

  • Timely – It takes almost a year for nonprofit results to become widely available through IRS Forms 990. That’s just too long. We're holding our Impact Call fewer than 60 days after our year-end.
  • Interactive – Our Impact Call will be a dialogue, so that it’s not just us a one-way conversation, but rather a meaningful discussion about what our results really mean. Participants will have an opportunity to have questions answered in real time.
  • Inclusive – Everyone is invited to our Impact Call. Not just our funders and supporters but anyone with a stake and interest in our results. That includes nonprofit and program professionals across the sector, individual donors, reporters, academics – and YOU.
  • Comprehensive – Finances are only one piece of a much larger picture when it comes to nonprofit impact. Our Impact Call will also include reporting on programmatic and operational metrics as well as a broader discussion of our strategy.

Our goal is not to simply report our results, but to jump start the sector's conversation on how transparency is defined and conveyed across the sector.

Please join us on our Impact Call on February 24 as we strive to represent a higher standard of transparency: see the recording here. Jacob Harold and I will discuss GuideStar’s results in 2013, and give you a sneak peek into the year ahead.

James Lum, GuideStar's CFO James Lum, GuideStar's CFO

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