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A New Way to Give Get


How often have you wished you had a way for your passionate supporters to contribute IN ADDITION to cash, especially when they don’t have disposable cash?

WebThriftStore is the answer: any nonprofit can open its own virtual thrift store quickly, easily, and for free. There is no financial risk, no inventory management—no new work for you. Donors donate. Shoppers buy. WebThriftStore fulfills. You benefit.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Instead of promoting donor fatigue by asking only for cash, harness the power of social media: ask supporters for in-kind donations at WebThriftStore.

All of us own excess stuff: electronics, clothing, accessories, jewelry, furniture, etc. Analysts estimate that the average US household has $7,000 in unused goods.

Let WebThriftStore turn your supporters’ excess stuff into cash for your cause. We market and sell donations to the thousands of shoppers visiting our online marketplace every day. Plus, we make it easy for your supporters to donate. We even provide printable, pre-paid shipping labels for them to put on their packages.

WebThriftStore protects buyers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Returns? We handle them (not you). In fact, we handle all site support. We also provide charity partners white-glove assistance.


Remember, everyone wins: nonprofits find a new revenue stream, donors get tax write-offs, and shoppers find great deals.

Find Out More

We would love to help you raise money! Please contact us.

The preceding is a guest post by Doug Krugman, Chief Executive Officer and one half of the husband-and-wife team that founded WebThriftStore. He oversees all of WebThriftStore's business operations to make sure everything is running smoothly. Doug has founded several tech start-ups and was an early team member and Senior Vice President of Send Word Now, where he met WebThriftStore colleagues Michael Sher and Dan Napolitano. He has an MBA, beta gamma sigma, from Columbia Business School and a BA in Philosophy, cum laude, from Wesleyan University.

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