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Leveraging Social Media for Nonprofit Events: Webinar Follow-up

Below is a follow-up by Ritu Sharma of Social Media for Nonprofits and Laura Huddle of Eventbrite to a handful of questions submitted by participants during the January 14, 2014, webinar “Leveraging Social Media for Nonprofit Events." To view the presentation or listen to the recording of the webinar, please click here. You can also read our Tumblr post here.

Laura Huddle Laura Huddle

Q: What is frontloading?

A: Frontloading is getting the tickets to move quickly at the beginning so you have a good sense of numbers for your preparation and guarantees.

Q: Where can you add survey questions? At the Eventbrite site?

A: Most registration platforms allow that and in addition to that, several email newsletter providers and survey monkey like tools are also there.

Q: Our events are free because we reach out to companies in the community to sponsor our events. I am curious about increasing engagement in this environment.

A: What we discussed in the webinar helps with engagement, increased engagement results in better sales/donations. (Editor's note: you can access the recording of the presentation and the slides here:

Ritu Sharma Ritu Sharma

Q: How important is it for nonprofits to use taglines/branding in promoting events? Do you have data that illustrates impact of use of aforementioned?

A: It's very important to brand your event uniformly to increase awareness and capture repeat impressions and eventually conversions.

Q: I understand this presentation focuses on social media; however, how important is it for nonprofits to develop marketing programs that also include traditional venues (T.V., radio, newspaper, fliers, etc.)?

A: It is very important to have a cohesive integrated strategy that makes use of all the different channels available to you.

Q: What apps are available for creating a Twitter wall?

A: and

Q: Can you suggest tools to track sales sources?

A: Yes - Eventbrite or Google Analytics

Q: What is a unique link and what makes it different from a regular link?

A: A tracking link adds a tracking parameter to your event registration page so that you can track how well certain marketing channels perform for you.

Q: How do you create unique links?

A: Through your registration platform.

Q: Data use: Are you aware of any of your clients using data for grant reporting, esp. those with funding to support events (educational, raising community awareness/education/interaction, health/back-to-school/program registrations, etc.)?

A: We use the data gathered in our registration for our post event grant reports to foundations and also for grant requests for future opportunities extensively. Funders like to see who is benefiting and in what way. It helps us measure impact too.

Q: If so, could you touch upon how data facilitated their ability to do so?

A: I think it is about increasing sales based on data, knowing where we were getting conversions from helped us put more resources, deals etc towards those channels.

Q: Previously, it was recommended to tweet 6-7 times a day. Recently, "mass tweeting" was recommended to be used sparingly. Please clarify.

A: Tweeting on your page 6-7 times a day is very acceptable and works well. Mass tweeting is sending one every few minutes and automated, also, it is sending direct messages via bulk upload. One off direct message that way works well, but constant direct messaging especially when it is not personalized will turn people off.

Q: Currently we only have Facebook...which tools can we use for that (since you said not to use HootSuite for FB)?

A: Use FB directly, for the amount of posting that is recommended, you really don't need another tool to manage this tool.

Q: What is the first step to organizing the information to create a calendar?

A: Create a plan that is broken down into weeks. Then start dropping "what" and "who" information on it and then start gathering information to support that.

Q: As an umbrella organization for many arts groups, we don't plan events but we try to promote our groups' events? Any suggestions for this?

A: Same principle, just dialed down a bit as you are not the organizer. But still post on your social properties and utilize your email newsletter.

Q: How do we improve activities and involvement on LinkedIn?

A: Writing recommendations for volunteers, staff, board and partners. By attaching a short blog that is your thought-leadership piece for your area of expertise and maintaining visibility as a thought leader by sharing issue specific updates, events, career opportunities etc and being a connector.

Q: What exactly is the difference between "mass tweeting" and regular tweeting in Hootsuite?

A: Regular tweeting is posting one tweet at a time and mass is sending batches. It can also be mass direct messaging, so you are sending a private message (instead of a public tweet) to a section of your list. This shows up in many people's email boxes as notifications and also has higher visibility.

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