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Protecting Yourself on Facebook

Facebook can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family from all around the globe, and if you're a member of the social network, you probably know this to be the case. Though it can often be a worry when you hear of how people are at risk when using the social network, simply because of the fact it holds so much of your personal information.

In any case, you don't need to shut yourself off from the world of social media and become a recluse, as there are in fact a few things that you can do in order to protect yourself whilst using Facebook.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

When using Facebook, many people often fail to adjust their privacy settings to the right level. This means they are leaving themselves vulnerable to the risks that are so commonly associated with the use of Facebook.

It is a good idea therefore, to research what can be done in order to adjust the privacy settings, so that you're not exposing yourself to people of whom you wouldn't like to see your private pictures for example.

You will be able to adjust your privacy settings by going into the Facebook settings section. Here you'll be able to choose who is and isn't allowed to see your profile. When it comes to privacy on Facebook, you can find out more here.

Watch Out For Applications

Within the Facebook interface, you'll find that there are some applications which will be available for you to use. Varying in their nature, most mean you no harm, as they are vetted by Facebook in a rigorous manner.

However, there are still some that might slip through the cracks and find a way to gain access to your personal information and use it in a way you would rather avoid. You may therefore want to be careful when you're engaging with any applications that on the surface look like they could be fun to use, but could lead to issues later on down the line.

Be Careful Who You Friend

Though you may be meticulous in your approach when it comes to the privacy settings you choose on Facebook, you'll still want to be careful who you make your friend on Facebook.

This is because by making someone your friend, they may no longer be subject to the privacy controls you had in place to protect yourself. Therefore if you're looking to protect yourself on Facebook, be sure to pick your friends with great attention.

Staying Protected

Facebook is one the best ways out there when it comes to staying in touch with the people you know and love. Though as with most things that involve the use of personal information on the internet, it is important that you practice caution when using the Facebook interface.

By being aware of how to use the privacy settings, and being careful in terms of who you befriend on the network, there should be no reason as to why you can't stay protected whilst using Facebook. Though even if dangers do exist when interacting with the social network, there are always steps you can take to repair the damage. In extreme cases you may wish to seek legal advice, Pinnington Law, Taylor Wessing and Bird & Bird in the UK can provide suitable consultancy on this. However after doing what has been mentioned, you can rest a little easier as you can be sure to stay safe as you make full use of what the platform has to offer, when it comes to staying connected with the world.

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