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5 keys to an effective online fundraising campaign

Joe Magee Joe Magee

With record snowfall across the United States this winter, the imagery of melting snow comes with the prospect and relief of warmer temperatures. The thought of spring and summer also brings event fundraising season. Given that online fundraising increased 13.5% in 2013, according to the recent Blackbaud study, nonprofits need to continually look at ways to capitalize on this trend. There are a number of ways that nonprofits can tap into online fundraising. One of the most successful and effective methods is peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising in events like runs, walks and rides.

For those unfamiliar, P2P fundraising empowers your supporters to raise money from their peers on your organization’s behalf. Some would argue that the first time P2P fundraising was used was by the March of Dimes in 1972. These days it involves using software to enable your advocates to customize personal fundraising pages that are shared via email and social media with their networks to accept donations on your behalf.

The warmer months are a great opportunity to get out and enjoy nature while holding a fundraising event. The reason for their popularity is that they generate a lot of attention and dollars for the nonprofit and event. Organizing a fundraising event is usually time consuming and can be expensive. Conferences like RunWalkRide Fundraising Council being held this week help nonprofit development managers learn and share the best ways to hold successful event fundraising campaigns. These are not only enjoyable, but can expose your nonprofit to a whole new group of supports through social fundraising.

Here are 5 keys to an effective online campaign:

1. Donor First Perspective

Make sure the event resonates with your supporter base.

2. Mobile Optimized

Over 48% of emails are opened on a mobile phone.

3. Intuitive Platform: Easy-User Flow

Make it simple to get participants involved.

4. Social Media Integrated

Make sure your campaign can easily be shared to increase awareness.

5. Pre-Created Marketing Collateral for Fundraisers

Create a communications plan to help fundraisers raise more money.

These five keys are nothing new, but are pervasive and expected by any donor and fundraiser active in the charity space today. End Users (Donors) expect an ease of use from their mobile devices, and interesting enough content to be shared and customized without much effort. We wish you all the best during this season of fundraising. Keep calm and fundraise on!

The preceding is a guest post by Joe Magee, vice president of marketing for RallyBound, which provides social fundraising software to nonprofits. He has helped organizations such as TED, Kaiser Permanente, and AOL implement digital initiatives aimed at solving problems and making an impact.

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