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Comprehensive nonprofit data and information: There’s an API for that

api-banner-white_SMv2 (2)I am thrilled to announce that GuideStar has a new suite of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)! This means:

  • You can use next generation technology and your computers can talk to our computers to access GuideStar’s vast information on nonprofits
  • Faster delivery of the best nonprofit information available
  • Seamless integration of GuideStar information into your systems and applications

If you need to search comprehensive charity information, or if you need to integrate a due diligence tool into your website or product for any reason---we can provide that!

iDonor TestimonialWhat is an API, You Ask?

It is increasingly the way in which companies exchange data, services and complex resources, both internally, externally with partners, and openly with the public. At its most basic level, it allows your product or service to talk to other products or services. In this way, an API allows you to open up data and functionality to other developers, to other businesses, or even between departments and locations with your company.

What APIs Do We Have?

  • GuideStar Charity Check API
    GuideStar Charity Check is the only pre-grant due-diligence tool that is 100% compliant with IRS requirements. Fields available
  • GuideStar Exchange API
    The GuideStar Exchange API provides rich nonprofit-supplied data, obtained through the GuideStar Exchange, for integration into your application or website. Fields available
  • GuideStar Search API
    Search GuideStar's most common sets of data about nonprofits to find organizations most relevant to your users, and use those results to get more data from our other APIs. Fields available
  • GuideStar Advanced Search API
    Do you need to target your searches to narrow in on a specific set of organizations? Check out our Advanced Search API. Fields available
  • GuideStar Detail API
    The GuideStar Detail API combines nonprofit-supplied data from the GuideStar Exchange with data from other sources to provide comprehensive information about millions of organizations. Fields available
  • GuideStar Simplify Common Data Profile API
    The GuideStar Simplify API provides rich nonprofit-supplied data tailored for grant management systems and grantseekers. Developed specifically for use by foundations for their grantmaking needs, you can learn more about Simplify, GuideStar's initiative with TAG (Technology Affinity Group), at Fields available

Why You Should Care

When listening to early adopters of our APIs I consistently hear that they are faster than ever and very easy to integrate! So, if you have a need for fast, high-quality, comprehensive nonprofit data in your applications, products, services, or website, our APIs could be the answer for your company:

All of our APIs are fully RESTful and the information is represented in XML and JSON formats so that it is machine readable. Developer resources at

How to Learn More

Learn more about our API capabilities and comprehensive nonprofit information by viewing our developer resources. Please contact our Sales Department for pricing information by calling 866-710-7663866-710-7663 or sending an e-mail to

Bunkie RIghter Bunkie Righter

Bunkie Righter, senior director of business development at GuideStar, has 25 years of experience in both nonprofit management and fundraising. During the last 14 years with GuideStar, Bunkie has worked in a variety of roles, and for the last eight years in her current role, where she focuses on developing partner relationships and delivering comprehensive data solutions from the GuideStar database for partners and clients. Beyond the distribution of GuideStar’s extensive database through licensing partnerships, she travels throughout the country talking with nonprofit professionals about GuideStar’s role in the nonprofit sector.

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