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Charitable Design: 4 Ways to Decorate a Nonprofit Office

Interior studio

The best nonprofit organizations encompass hope, determination and endless aspirations. Equally inspiring workplace surroundings can enhance the success of your organization. Welcome employees and benefactors to an environment that sparks innovation and creativity. Do away with fluorescent lights, bare walls and uninspired cubicles. You can have a sleek and efficient office without a pretentious aura that steers away future contributors. The challenge is creating a workplace that's professional, creative and productive without appearing rapacious. Let your energy and intentions show through work place design. Focus on embracing the company culture for a winning look that speaks volumes of your hard-work and ethics.

Purposeful Furnishings

Furnishings don't have to be drab to show responsible spending. Your office space can still be chic with creative touches that tell a story. Focus on utilizing pieces that reflect your cause. Dallas-based non-profit Dwell With Dignity combined elements of design and philanthropy to launch its new studio. Born from the belief that surroundings can change a person's outlook on life, the organization's mission is to create soothing homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. For its new studio launch, local designers created a vignette using donated warehouse products. The result? A beautiful office space created from low-cost recycled furnishings to use as inspiration for the cause.

Mirror, Mirror

There's no need for large executive offices. Whether your non-profit is established or just getting started, ensure your office space fits your immediate needs. High overhead is not only a constraint on your budget, but looks questionable in the eyes of future donors. Instead, make the best use of your space with small touches that make a big difference. Tall mirrors at the end of a narrow hallway expand space while accent mirrors add interest to walls and create a spacious feel. Mirrors also promote positive energy with proper placement. Considered the "aspirin of Feng Shui," adding mirrors to a workplace can create a calming presence and help reduce stress.

Display Gratitude

When it comes to donors and investors, a little gratitude goes a long way. Incorporating contributors in your office design provides a daily reminder of those who support you. Whats' more, prospects will love seeing how the company supports and appreciates current benefactors. Take notes from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). Its new Los Angeles office features a two story high wall painted in black with the names of each donor written in white. The wall stands as a centerpiece of the building, commemorating everyone who made the new building possible.

Stand Out

Donors want to represent the best. To be the best, you'll need a first-rate, winning team. Recruit an all-star lineup by promoting a culture that's both donor-worthy and employee-appealing. Unique touches, like a tree house conference room featured at the Epic Systems Corporate Office, stand out and pique interest. Harnessing creativity promotes a team culture that's second to none. Even simple and cost-effective design, like a chalkboard or whiteboard painted wall, encourage team collaboration that potential investors are sure to be impressed with.

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