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The World’s Largest Online Earth Day Celebration, Spring of Sustainability (SoS), Kicks off Today, April 22nd


As our society faces disruptive breakdowns in virtually all facets of life, we need effective tools to come together in time to create new systems and structures and ways of being that work for all. Spring of Sustainability in one such tool – as sustainability impacts and intersects all issues of importance to the non-profit sector. The health of our environment effects the well-being of all life in multiple ways - food, air, living situations, finances, weather, and much more. Spring of Sustainability provides anyone working for a better world inspiration, information and tools that can be used to create change – in sustainability and in any area of concern.

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The proceeding is a guest post by Marilyn Levin, MSW is an award winning activist, a professional speaker and the author of Experiential Activities for a Better World. She founded a number of organizations including Global Sufficiency Network and served as Campaign Director for Four Years Go. She is currently Managing Director for KINS Innovation Networks, catalyzing servant leadership to create conscious industries and communities.


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