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GuideStar’s 2020 Vision

...a nonprofit sector strong enough to tackle the great challenges of our time.

The first revolution of nonprofit transparency was quite simple: nonprofit transparency can help drive nonprofit accountability.

GuideStar's new strategic plan GuideStar's new strategic plan

Almost 20 years ago, GuideStar led this revolution by making nonprofit reporting forms available to the public. Now, it is time to complete a second revolution: nonprofit transparency that drives nonprofit effectiveness.

We have just put the finishing touches on a new strategic plan, GuideStar 2020, which lays out a vision for that second revolution.

It shows how GuideStar can build the information scaffolding for social change, and how it can help ensure that the nonprofit sector is capable of tackling the great challenges of our time. You can read our full strategic plan here. A summary is here.

Why do we call it GuideStar 2020?

In our planning process, we intentionally operated on multiple time horizons.

Our vision is for 2020; our financial projections extend to 2018 to ensure a path to a next plateau of financial sustainability; and our operational plan extends to the end of 2016. As in any planning process, we seek to balance the imperative for long-term, goal-oriented thinking with the need to be iterative and evolve in the face of constant flux.

We want your feedback!

GuideStar 2020 has four sections. The first section covers our vision for the field, current context, and basic strategic framework. The second section goes into detail on 17 specific initiatives to achieve that vision. The third section describes how we will implement and finance those initiatives. Finally, the appendices include additional complementary data.

What do you think? Which of our initiatives has the most value for you, and why? Please leave a comment below!

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