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How Your Charity Can Avoid the Donor Fatigue Trap

Many nonprofits are constantly asking themselves a single question: How can we consistently keep donations flowing in to support our cause?

There really is such a thing as donor fatigue – if you are constantly pleading with your supporters to donate cash, you risk having them “tune out” and become desensitized to this type of call to action.

The solution: give supporters a new call to action, a new way to support your cause.

Instead of asking for cash all the time, now you can ask them to donate their unused stuff that is laying around their homes (and taking up precious space.)

By asking them to give something that is not a direct toll on their wallets, and at the same time allowing them to free up extra space in their homes, you can keep them excited about contributing to your mission.

WebThriftStore allows any registered 501(c)3 nonprofit to open a virtual thrift store, at ZERO cost to the charity. Charities simply communicate with their supporter base to get them to list donations in our online marketplace. Donors get tax write-offs for the value of their donations, and shoppers find great deals. WebThriftStore manages all of the frustrating logistics of running the store and selling items, such as marketing and advertising, shipping labels, and credit card transactions.

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WebThriftStore is gaining more and more nonprofit partners, both large and small, every day! Please contact us to find out how your organization can open a virtual thrift store, at no cost, and gain a new way to raise money for your cause.

The preceding is a guest post by Michael Sher, WebThiftStore Board Member.

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