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GuideStar Unveils Strategic Vision for Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector by 2020 during Next Impact Call

Impact Call FINALLike you, GuideStar is a tireless supporter of nonprofit transparency, and yet we know there is still more progress to be made in this area. We know that it takes a lot of time for data and information about philanthropy and nonprofits to travel through and across the social sector, just as we know transparency needs to be to be more timely, interactive, inclusive, and comprehensive. We know this – and we’re prepared to do something about it. We’ve introduced a new avenue to get outcomes to key stakeholders in a more meaningful way: the free Impact Call. Loosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly owned companies, our Impact Calls are open to everyone and are meant to be:

  • Timely—It takes almost a year for nonprofit results to become widely available through IRS Forms 990. That's just too long. We hold out Impact Calls within 60 days of the quarter (or year) end.
  • Interactive—The Impact Call is a dialogue, rather than a one-way conversation. Participants have an opportunity to have their questions answered in real time.
  • Inclusive—Everyone is invited to the free Impact Call. Not just GuideStar's funders but anyone with a stake and interest in its results, like you.
  • Comprehensive—Finances are only one piece of a much larger picture when it comes to nonprofit impact. Our Impact Call includes reporting on programmatic and operational metrics as well as a broader discussion of its strategy.

We have has held two Impact Calls to date. Our first Impact Call, held on February 24, focused on our 2013 outcomes. It was attended by 480 people and was featured in the Washington Post. The second Impact Call, on Monday, May 12, reported on our first quarter outcomes and was featured in The NonProfit Times. For a detailed summary of that call, read our news release here.

James Lum, GuideStar’s CFO James Lum, GuideStar’s CFO

We are holding our next Impact Call on Monday, August 11, at 2 p.m. ET, and we invite you to attend: During this Impact Call, GuideStar’s president and CEO, Jacob Harold, and I will discuss GuideStar’s latest financial and programmatic outcomes, our new strategic plan titled GuideStar 2020, and lessons learned. We really want to use this as an opportunity to get your feedback and questions about our new vision and strategy for the future, so please join me so we can begin that dialogue. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and responding to your inquiries as we work together to help redefine transparency and evolve how it is conveyed across the sector.

One favor to ask you: Please help us spread the word. You can use our promotional tool kit to get content that can easily be shared with your networks through social media channels, newsletters, blogs, or e-mails. Thank you!

Can’t make the call but want to give feedback to GuideStar 2020? Please leave your comment here:

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