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How to Be Unique: 3 Creative Ways to Amplify Your Reach

OkanjoLogoThe preceding is a cross post of Ojanjo's June 3rd article on their blog, "3 Creative Ways to Amplify Your Nonprofit Reach." To read that article, visit here.

If you work on behalf of a nonprofit, then you’re always looking for new ways to increase your company’s reach. In fact, the very lifeblood of a nonprofit organization relies on generous donations from loyal supporters, followers and strategic partnerships. But how will you go about tapping the generosity of potential supporters if you can’t reach them in the first place?

It’s not always about increasing the volume of your organization’s voice, either. Proverbially ‘shouting’ about how great your nonprofit is, whether online or offline, can backfire big time. So, what you really need to do, as a leader in the nonprofit industry, is to get creative.

The best way to outshine your competitors and increase nonprofit reach is to brainstorm and implement unique, strategic ways to get the word out about your organization.

Grab their attention by showing your potential supporters something they haven’t seen before. Here’s how…

3 Key Ways to Increase Nonprofit Reach

  1. Host an online auction. Not only is this a great way to increase your outreach, but it’s also a solid fundraising tactic. That is, if you run the online auction successfully. Online auctions aren’t the same as in-person auctions. You have to dedicate time to reaching potential bidders. Just because your auction exists online, doesn’t mean people know about it, unless you tell them! Once you get the ball rolling, this unique tool will really help you stand out among competitors in the nonprofit sector.
  2. Take social media more seriously. Sure, you might have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and even a LinkedIn profile for your nonprofit organization. But, are you using the right tactics to grow your reach on social media? Reaching people through social media is (for the most part) free, so you’d have to be crazy not to use it. There’s a plethora of unique and interesting ways to utilize these platforms and amplify your reach. A few things to consider: place social media buttons on all of your marketing materials, optimize for mobile, watch what time of day and days of the week you post, create visually stunning and superb content, and specifically for Twitter, create hashtags for any event you host, online or offline, and make sure your followers know.
  3. Create a guest blogging community. If you take a look at this GuideStar blog, you’ll notice that they have a robust community of guest bloggers that contribute to it. Why is this a good idea? Well, to put it bluntly, every time you let someone contribute to your blog, you’re essentially opening up opportunities to reach their unique followers. Reach out to authors who already have an established online following, preferably in your industry (or something close to it) and once they share their content that’s located on your blog (something most authors automatically do), their followers will see your organization’s name and organically discover your blog.

We’ve discussed some unique ways to get creative with your nonprofit outreach, but one thing is certain: if you don’t already have a website or an established online platform, you probably won’t be able to tackle any of the aforementioned strategies.

Know a great way to get creative with not-for-profit outreach? Leave a comment below and give us the scoop. And don’t forget to check out Okanjo’s nonprofit tools.

The preceding is a guest post by Okanjo, a Milwaukee-based company that builds community around eCommerce. Its powerful, flexible tools are used every day by publishers, media companies, retailers, small and medium businesses, charities and more. Okanjo began as an online shopping marketplace where businesses and consumers met to buy, sell and give (you can still check out the Okanjo marketplace.) Today, Okanjo’s interconnected foundation is used by partners across the United States.


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