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New Startup Creates Virtual Online Fundraisers

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When it comes to marketing and fundraising, nonprofits have hit a wall. It is harder than ever for organizations to raise both awareness and funds in a cost-effective manner. Traditional news blasts are outdated, in-person events are overpriced, and donations to the nonprofit sector are stagnant. With no other alternatives, nonprofits are left with two unappealing options:

Option 1: Spend a significant amount of capital on marketing and hope for the best.

Option 2: Spend an insignificant amount of capital on marketing and plan for the worst.

Enter, Vonvo.

Vonvo chatroom for GuideStar blogShort for “video convo,” Vonvo is an online video event and crowdfunding platform that has created a better 3rd option. Vonvo was designed specifically for nonprofits to increase their awareness and raise funds to fuel their programs. Vonvo nonprofit customers host live video conversations, events, and fundraisers to create the buzz and capital necessary to make their cause not only known, but also successful.

At Vonvo, we’ve made it our mission to make marketing tools that are simple, low-risk, and, most importantly, affordable.

Why Vonvo?

  • Video Conferencing. Entertain, educate, and inspire viewers through the art of visual storytelling and conversation. Put a face to your cause and make life-like relationships with your followers.
  • Live Donations. Vonvo is the only web application to feature real-time fundraising and crowd funding. Monetize your Vonvo’s audience through our safe and secure fundraising tool.
  • Accessibility. Vonvo members can attend your events and participate from the comfort of their homes. By eliminating the need to travel, Vonvo connects you to a global audience that can provide your brand with valuable feedback in real-time.
  • Virality. Vonvo gives you everything you need to make your events and brand go viral. Vonvo events are easy to setup, sharable across social networks, and can be recorded for future viewing and promotional use.

Vonvo has revolutionized marketing and fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Come join the conversation and see how Vonvo can help your cause. Email to learn about Vonvo’s free trial. Free trial offer ends November 1st, 2014.

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Max Ringelheim is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of, a New York City technology startup. Max's website is bringing the way nonprofits communicate, market, and fundraise into the 21st century through his technology.

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