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How Major Charities Like the American Red Cross Are Energizing Supporters with WebThriftStore

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The American Red Cross is the latest charity to take advantage of WebThriftStore to bolster their fundraising efforts and give their supporters a complementary way to raise money for their cause.

“We are not typically able to accept small quantities of individual donations for emergency relief purposes,” said Jennifer Elwood, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at the Red Cross. “Partnering with WebThriftStore will now enable donors to sell their items while supporting the Red Cross and allow us to use the proceeds to provide relief to those who need it most."

The Red Cross online thrift store gives their supports a way to donate excess or unwanted items such as household goods, cars, disaster supplies, and more – in lieu of cash. All donated items are automatically listed in WebThriftStore’s general marketplace and sold, with the majority of the proceeds going directly to the Red Cross.

WebThriftStore provides any supporter of the Red Cross with a streamlined donation experience, where items are donated through ThriftSNAP, WebThriftStore’s recently released mobile app for iPhone and iPad, or via a web browser. Donated items are immediately listed for sale in our online marketplace where they can be purchased by anyone, anywhere in the U.S.

Any registered 501(c)3 nonprofit can open an online thrift store on WebThriftStore – for free and at no risk. Charities rally their supporters to list donations, donors get tax write-offs for their donations, and shoppers get great bargains. WebThriftStore handles all the details, such as our 30 day money-back guarantee, advertising, marketing, generating shipping labels, and processing credit card transactions.

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More and more charities like the American Red Cross are partnering with WebThriftStore every day! Please contact us to find out how your nonprofit can take advantage of WebThriftStore and give your supporters a new way to donate.

The preceding is a guest post by Michael Sher, WebThriftStore Board Member

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