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Celebrating Our Past, Looking to Our Future

Buzz Schmidt was frustrated. As a fundraiser and a donor, he’d encountered the same roadblock: he couldn’t find the nonprofit information he needed.

Jacob Harold GuideStar's President and CEO, Jacob Harold

On September 6, 1994, Buzz and four colleagues opened the doors of a small organization that would become GuideStar USA, Inc. In just a few years, their efforts sparked a transparency revolution. Nonprofit transparency became an expectation, one that the public and (most) organizations embraced. (You can learn more about GuideStar’s history here.)

Fast-forward 20 years. GuideStar is still the premier provider of information about U.S. nonprofits. Today we’re embarking on a second revolution: nonprofit transparency that drives nonprofit effectiveness. We’ve outlined that vision in our new strategic plan, GuideStar 2020.

We invite you to read GuideStar 2020 to learn more about our goals and how we will achieve them. And, as always, we value your feedback on our planlet us know what you think by posting a comment here on the GuideStar Blog.

Thanks to everyone—nonprofits, donors, journalists, researchers, government officials—for contributing to GuideStar’s success during our first 20 years. Let’s all pause and take a moment to reflect on our history. And, then, eyes back on the horizon.

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