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At GuideStar, numbers have always been the essence of the information we offer through our site, products, and partnerships. From IRS Forms 990 we have gathered the financial information to create a more transparent nonprofit sector. And, as the availability of information has grown, we helped more donors make more informed giving decisions. These quantitative, measureable pieces of information are crucial to GuideStar’s programs and to the efforts of philanthropy as a whole. But, they only give us part of the picture.

The qualitative, anecdotal stories of the everyday work is just as important. When brought together, the quantitative and qualitative provide a more complete picture of the efforts and efficacy of our work. To further this aim we have incorporated Charting Impact reports into the GuideStar Exchange. Through Charting Impact, nonprofits answer five simple yet powerful questions to tell their stories in an accessible, concise way. These answers then complement the numerical data found through GuideStar.

Here at GuideStar, we have developed new methods of numerically measuring our own efforts – through enhanced metrics, a redesigned organizational dashboard, and other tools – we are also renewing our efforts to gather compelling narratives about our impact.

As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand that it’s sometimes difficult to balance hard data with personal stories of success. That’s why we created our Impact Survey. We know the results from the survey provide only a small snapshot of the work underway across the nonprofit sector; yet they are one step in pairing the qualitative and quantitative.

Through the survey, we hope to better understand how the concrete tools GuideStar provides to the sector are helping nonprofits fulfill their missions – be it providing meals, sheltering the homeless, increasing literacy, saving trees in the rainforest, or in so many other ways.

We think the Impact Survey provides an important communication tool between GuideStar and the people that are utilizing our programs. We are excited to launch our second Impact Survey to gather information from the people that use our data the most – you!.

Jessica Walker is development coordinator for GuideStar. This is the third post in our monthly Development Corner series. Click here and here for more Development Corner blog posts.

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