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Another Billion Reasons to Love GuideStar: Our Impact through Your Impact

As we move forward with GuideStar’s 2020 vision, an important part of our work is improving the methods we use to measure our success and impact. And since our primary mission is to serve as the definitive resource for the nonprofit sector, the best way to measure our impact is through your impact!by state

For the second year in a row, GuideStar asked you what you were able to accomplish by leveraging the resources we provide in our annual Impact Survey. We’ve often heard the adage that there are no stories without data and no data without stories. Your responses to our Impact Survey provide the much needed human, real-world stories that provide context to our own internal usage data. Together, we have both stories and data.

donateAnd, just like last year, we are doing amazing things together! GuideStar is a nonprofit ourselves. Every donation that we receive helps power our organization while we work together to build a better sector.

Our survey asked you to complete this sentence, “In the last year, GuideStar helped me or my organization to ….”

Collectively, you told us that GuideStar has helped you …

where- Save 1,194,080 acres of land.

- Provide 60,980,761 meals to the disadvantaged.

- Distribute 320,216 diapers to children under 3 in the United States.

- Teach 29,930 children through various programs.

- Save 42.5 million disadvantaged lives across the world.

-Move $1,036,461,414 through the sector. This anecdotal evidence is in addition to the $5.5 billion we know were granted by just the top 10 foundations using our tools in their grantmaking process.

These are just a few highlights of the answers we received. Our true impact is considerably higher considering these were pulled from less than 500 voluntary responses and a tiny fraction of the millions of visitors to our site, thousands of customers, and many other diverse partners.

More stories, more impact

We received many answers and more are included below as a testament to the powerful work that you are doing. We are incredibly proud to support nonprofits as they accomplish great change in the world and we are grateful to everyone that took the survey!

food c/o Second Sense


-Teach 5 undergraduate courses or workshops about nonprofits

-Solicit 15 million dollars in donations

-Teach about 250 different programs to funders

-Teach 1,500 nonprofit professionals and volunteers in California


-Secure 23 donors to provide funding for food in Mexico

OBAT Helpers c/o OBAT Helpers

-Gain 20 more donors and sponsors for students and programs in Uganda

-Teach 800 disadvantaged children in Nicaragua

-Treat 103,826 patients in North Korea

-Deliver 18,000 advice sessions to the disadvantaged in Israel

Disadvantaged Populations

-Provide one-to-one counseling to 2790 disadvantaged children in the four county Philadelphia region

-Enhance the lives of 41,000 disadvantaged in Colorado

-Donate 173,000 “Smile bags” to the disadvantaged in Arizona

-Provide 2,016 bilingual, culturally competent counseling sessions to the disadvantaged in Delaware


Seeds c/o Seeds of Literacy

-Help 361 first generation college students graduate in California

-Teach 10,000 blind or visually impaired students in the world

-Provide 2.3 million scholarship dollars to students in Virginia

-Deliver 25,000 solar lights to students across the world

-Teach 1,500 teens and young adults to appreciate the arts in Florida

ducks c/o Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital

Environment and Animals

-Deliver 31 water systems to youths in Vietnam

-Save the lives of 4,230 homeless and unwanted animals in the US

-Provide care to 2,000 injured and orphaned wild animals in California

-Monitor 4 animal rescue nonprofits in Pennsylvania

-Teach 600 people about wildlife rehabilitation around the world

-Begin the expansion and upgrade of an animal facility in North Carolina


chlid c/o Guardian Angel Settlement Association

-Find 555 adoptive families for children in California

-Transform the lives of 1.2 million children by letting them grow, explore, play, and learn through a museum in Indiana

-Advocate for 142 abused and neglected children in foster care in Maryland

-Save 150 children in orphanages around the world

-Prevent 220 children from going to families involved in domestic violence in Connecticut

Health Care

-Deliver 42,800 room nights to patients across the world

-Donate $4 million worth of dental care in Virginia

-Deliver 800,000 health care services to women and children

-Grant 4 wishes for children with a recurrence of cancer in the US

donateAs a nonprofit ourselves, every donation that we receive helps power our organization while we work together to build a better sector.

James Lum is GuideStar's first full-time CFO, responsible for orchestrating multi-million dollar financial turnarounds in cash flow and operating income over the past two years. He is responsible for coordinating strategic and financial oversight across the organization and also heads fundraising. James received BAs from the University of Virginia in Economics and Biology and earned an MBA from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship. James recently won the 2014 Nonprofit CFO Transformational Leader Award, demonstrating excellent leadership and commitment to the nonprofit sector.

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