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Lawyer | Nonprofit Connect

Lawyer | Nonprofit Connect brings lawyers and nonprofit organizations together. It’s an easy way for the two groups to join forces and make the world a better place.

Iris Data Services saw the need for both legal and nonprofit communities to network with one another, so they bridged the gap by creating

lawyer nonprofit connect landing pageWhy is it good for nonprofits?

Nonprofit organizations often need legal expertise but want to mitigate legal costs. Nonprofit employees and volunteers are often stretched incredibly thin, with little time left over for networking. While nonprofits may need more people on their boards, they don’t always have time to invest in networking. Using can help nonprofits find attorneys that have both the heart for the cause and the legal expertise that nonprofits need on their boards.

Why is it good for lawyers?

At the same time, lawyers are often compelled to do pro bono work because they want to give back to their communities. Providing legal services to nonprofit organizations is an excellent way for lawyers to help make a significant difference in the world around them.

How Lawyer Nonprofit Connect works is simple. The site works by matching the mission of the nonprofit to the interests of the lawyer, much like a dating site. Let’s take the example of a nonprofit executive with a mission to end child hunger. First he joins by completing a profile where he shares his organization’s mission, programs, and service area – anything that helps people understand what the organization does. He can personalize the profile with attachments, photos, and videos to help prospective lawyers get to know the organization. A lawyer looking to volunteer with a nonprofit organization can do the same, filling out a profile and populating content in order to attract potential matches. The site will then match attorneys and nonprofits that share overlapping goals and interests.

Once the nonprofit executive identifies a lawyer that interests him, he can ask to connect. An email notification is then sent to the lawyer, who can then follow a link to the nonprofit’s profile and accept the match. works the same way on the lawyer side. A lawyer can identify a nonprofit she would like to match with and then ask to connect with that organization.

Contact information for both parties is shared only after both accept the match. If the nonprofit or the lawyer is not ready to connect, the match can be saved in the favorites section for later review.

“Attorneys often look for volunteer opportunities to provide pro bono legal services, while nonprofits look for attorneys to join their boards,” said Adi Elliott, vice president of marketing at Iris Data Services. “Iris wanted to help create a bridge to bring both groups together.”

Damon Goduto Damon Goduto

The preceding is a guest post by Damon Goduto. Damon Goduto is the vice president of sales for Iris. He manages eight sales offices, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Miami, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco. He has worked in the litigation support industry for over ten years, managing sales at litigation support companies, including Innovative Digital Technologies, Apex Document Solutions, and Xact Data Discovery. Damon received a Bachelor of Science Marketing degree from West Chester University and a law degree from Widener University.

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