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Utilizing Technology to Effectively Recruit New Junior Board Members (pt 3 of 3)

This week, we bring you our final installment of our Junior Board Series with Orr Associates, Inc. Read part one for an overview of junior boards as a fundraising tool, and part two for the challenges of junior boards.

Utilizing Technology to Effectively Recruit New Junior Board Members (pt 3 of 3)With the understanding that junior boards are here to stay and continuing to become more popular, where can nonprofits, companies, and young professionals turn to find out more?

The fundraising success of a junior board relies on good internal management and consistent recruitment of passionate board members. Two years ago, there were few places for nonprofits to go to find qualified junior board members. Similarly, there were limited avenues for young professionals to search for a junior board to join.

Two years ago, Rhoden Monrose approached me with an idea and product. He created a website in which young professionals could search for and apply for junior boards. I was immediately inspired by his company called CariClub is a corporate social impact platform where young professionals from partner firms can discover, connect with, and apply for junior board positions at nonprofit. Rhoden, CEO and Founder, and I, Founding Member and Head of Nonprofit Partnerships, spent months updating the website as we solidified partnerships with over 70 nonprofits with junior boards. Today, we have an amazing platform for any nonprofit to recruit junior board members, as well as the best way for young professionals to search for a junior board to join.

KKR, for example, is one of our corporate partners and we provide access to the site for all of their employees. Within a day of this partnership announcement, over 100 KKR employees signed up for CariClub. Over the next few weeks, we placed over 20 KKR employees on junior boards based on their interests and financial capabilities.

cariclubOn, nonprofits can list their junior boards without charge and use the site as a recruiting tool. If nonprofits do not already have a junior board, they can retain CariClub to help them professionalize, manage, and recruit a founding junior board. Corporations can use the site to make it as seamless as possible for their employees to get involved. Young professionals get access to browse and apply to any junior board of their choosing.

Junior boards are trending and the space is becoming more efficient. Over the next five years, junior boards will continue to grow as more Millennials enter the work force and as more nonprofits seek to cultivate their future pipeline of donors and volunteers. Junior boards are a growing fundraising mechanism that can be utilized to sustain your nonprofits impact for years to come. 

Utilizing Technology to Effectively Recruit New Junior Board Members (pt 3 of 3)The preceding post is by CJ Orr, who joined the OAI team in 2013 and focuses on client work and new business development. As an Associate Director, CJ provides superior service to OAI’s clients and develops strong business relationships as well as develops new opportunities to expand OAI’s footprint in the nonprofit sector. 

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