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Join the Data Revolution

join the data revolution

As the clock ticks down on 2015, I’m sure, like me, you are being inundated with final reminders about supporting the organizations that you care about. Today is our final opportunity to make a tax-deductible contribution this year while making an impact on the individuals, communities, and organizations served by the nonprofit sector.

At GuideStar, we are here to assist you. We share your aspiration to affect positive change through the nonprofit sector. GuideStar’s database includes information on 2.4 million organizations-- by empowering nonprofits to share information about their missions, impact, staff and board makeup, and finances, we are helping them tell their stories and ensuring that donors are provided with quality, unbiased data to inform their giving.

GuideStar has been your resource for more than 20 years; and we are just getting started. Through our redesigned website, enhanced use of data visualization, increased depth and breadth of nonprofit information collected, and an expanded distribution network, we are committed to having nonprofit information readily and easily available wherever and whenever you need it. And, by providing nearly $1 million in GuideStar products to students, we are inspiring the next generation of effective philanthropists.

join the data revolutionInformation matters to social change. And you matter to GuideStar. As a nonprofit ourselves, we are dependent on the generous support of our donors and key partners. As you make your charitable gifts before the year draws to a close, we hope you will turn to GuideStar to help inform your giving decisions and consider making a gift to GuideStar. Donations to GuideStar help nonprofits get the exposure and support needed to thrive, while also assisting donors in making confident giving decisions. Working together, we can continue to revolutionize philanthropy.

Thank you for sharing our vision for Better Data. Better Decisions. Better World. And thank you for your support!


join the data revolution

Beth Suarez is GuideStar’s director of development. Beth came to GuideStar with 25 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising and development, including positions with PBS, National Trust for Historic Preservation and Catholic Charities USA. She is active in the local nonprofit community and serves on various boards. You can reach Beth at To learn more about GuideStar’s Foundation Membership Program, click here.

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