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The 2015 GuideStar Newsletter Top 10

The 2015 GuideStar Newsletter Top 10Over the years, GuideStar Newsletter readers have been remarkably consistent in what they read most: articles about fundraising and about getting boards involved in fundraising. Last year was no exception, as 7 of the 10 most-read Newsletter articles addressed these topics.

But the 2015 top 10 also contained a few surprises. Tim Delaney's article about new Office of Management and Budget guidance on the costs nonprofits incur carrying out government contracts came in at ninth place. Irv Katz and Michelle Sims's piece on how nonprofits can save on the purchase of supplies and services was the seventh-most read article. And we were thrilled to see that Mario Marino and Lowell Weiss's "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Organizations" came in first for 2015. It warms our hearts to see our readers embracing nonprofit effectiveness.

Here, then, are the 10 GuideStar Newsletter articles subscribers read most last year. Thanks to all of our newsletter subscribers, and thank you again to the authors who shared their expertise. Happy New Year!

  1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Organizations, by Mario Morino and Lowell Weiss, published in our March 5, 2015, issue
  2. Why Donors Leave, by Roger Craver, published in our February 5, 2015, issue
  3. The Evil Cousin of Fundraising, by Jeff Brooks, published in our October 1, 2015, issue
  4. 29 Ideas for #GivingTuesday 2015 You Haven't Thought Of, by George Weiner, published in our October 15, 2015, issue
  5. Fundraising: Do Your Board Members Understand the Big Picture? by Kathy Hedge, published in our April 16, 2015, issue
  6. The Board's Role in Donor Cultivation, by Thomas Wolf, published in our February 19, 2015, issue
  7. It's Easier for a Nonprofit to Save Money Than It Is to Raise It! by Irv Katz and Michelle Sims, published in our March 19, 2015, issue
  8. Motivating Boards to Raise Money, by Kay Sprinkel Grace, published in our May 21, 2015, issue
  9. One Small Step for Government, One Giant Leap for Nonprofits, by Tim Delaney, published in our February 5, 2015, issue
  10. Using Guilt in Fundraising, by Jeff Brooks, published in our November 5, 2015, issue

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The 2015 GuideStar Newsletter Top 10 

The preceding post is by Suzanne Coffman, GuideStar’s editorial director. See more of Suzanne’s sector findings and musings on philanthropy here on our blog.

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