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Beyond Employee Giving: How LinkedIn Approaches Corporate Social Responsibility (And How You Can, Too)

When’s the last time you evaluated your workplace giving strategy?

Beyond Employee Giving How LinkedIn Approaches Corporate Social Responsibility (and How You Can, Too)According to a recent study, American consumers value companies they believe demonstrate a commitment to corporate philanthropy. But corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more than a just a public relations exercise to make people like your company.

Whether your corporation is starting a new workplace giving program, or strengthening a CSR program already in place, download our free resource today and learn:

  • The importance of a modern corporate social responsibility/employee giving plan
  • The different faces of corporate giving models
  • How LinkedIn’s overwhelmingly successful CSR strategy boosts employee satisfaction while strengthening the nonprofit sector
  • How you can start or enhance your own CSR program
  • And more!

Download your free copy today.

Beyond employee giving how linkedin approaches corporate social responsibility (and how you can, too) The preceding post is by Courtney Cherico, GuideStar’s content marketing associate. She manages their many social media channels, including this blog. To stay up to date on the latest GuideStar news, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
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