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Five Steps to Register for Federal Grants

Reprinted from GrantProse, Inc.

Is your organization ready to submit a grant proposal to the federal government? Even if you have not found the right federal grant to pursue, don’t wait until the last minute to register with—get these steps done and out of the way so you will be prepared to focus on crafting the best proposal when the time comes. Here are the five steps needed to be ready for grant proposal submissions through

  1. Obtain a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) identification

    Go to the Dunn & Bradstreet Web site ( to register for an identification number for your organization. You should receive a DUNS number within one business day.

  2. Register with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR)

    Go to to register with the CCR (through July 2012; thereafter, you will need to register with the new System for Award Management. See the following paragraph for more information). You will need your DUNS, Tax Identification Number (TIN), the number of employees in the organization, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information for payment of invoices. You will designate an "E-Biz Point of Contact" (E-Biz POC) who will receive an "MPIN." Registration may take two to three business days.

    Note: In an effort to streamline the process of doing business with the government, the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system is being discontinued. CCR and seven other federal procurement systems—including FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS as well as the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance—are migrating into the new System for Award Management, or SAM. Vendors, contractors, and assistance award recipients will log into one system to manage a single record, and federal agencies will use SAM as a sole source for pre-award information. Data for those with current CCR registrations will be migrated into SAM; when renewing registration, they will create an account in Phase I of the move will occur by the end of July 2012 (instead of May 29 as originally planned). Further information is available through SAM's Web site at as well as CCR's Web site at

  3. Create profile(s) for your Authorized Organization Representative(s) (AOR)

    Your organization must appoint one or more people to act as an AOR. It is best to select the highest level official in your organization, such as the president or executive director, because the AOR(s) will be responsible for signing legally binding contracts for your organization. AOR(s) must complete a profile at this Web site:

  4. The E-Biz POC must approve the AOR(s)

    Upon completion of step three, the E-Biz POC will receive an e-mail notification of the AOR's desire to represent the organization. The E-Biz POC will need to log in with the MPIN from step two and approve the AOR to submit grant proposals on behalf of the organization. To complete this step, go to the following Web site:

  5. Verify AOR status

    AOR(s) should verify approval given by the E-Biz POC by logging in to the following Web site:

Following these steps will ensure that your organization is capable of submitting grant proposals through

© 2012, GrantProse, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

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