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GuideStar-KIMBIA 2011 Giving Season Giveaway Winner

guidestar-kimbia-2011-giveaway-winner.jpgThanks to everyone who competed and contributed during the GuideStar-KIMBIA 2011 Giving Season Giveaway. In the past two months, more than 1,690 donations were submitted through GuideStar, generating more than $251,000 in donations to hundreds of organizations.

Congrats to the winner of the $5,000 prize:

Golden Gate Basset Rescue, Inc.

We encourage all organizations that participated in the giveaway to continue to participate in the GuideStar Exchange, keep sharing your profiles, and continue to ask for donations through GuideStar.

  • If you are a member of the GuideStar Exchange, you can continue to promote your profile with a toolkit similar to the one used during the contest. You'll find a draft press release, a sample tweet and Facebook post, and a sample newsletter or e-mail article. Just log in like you would to update your profile, then click on the "Benefits" link next to your organization's name.
  • If you are not yet a member of the GuideStar Exchange, don't miss out on another opportunity like this! Update your profile now.

Fundraising Resources

GuideStar and KIMBIA have teamed up to offer a full suite of fundraising and event management solutions for nonprofits through the KIMBIA platform. KIMBIA gives cause organizations the power to improve and optimize their existing online fundraising and event efforts. Their platform and their people will help nonprofits create the best solutions for their best intentions.

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