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Shaping the Debate: What Makes Nonprofits Special?


Nonprofits are under attack. Tax exemption is on the line. Tax deductibility is under threat. How can nonprofits defend themselves?

The best defense is a good offense—nonprofits need to portray their value in a compelling way.

Now more than ever nonprofits need to give compelling answers to questions about the distinctive value they contribute to American life, and why they should receive special tax and other advantages.

In a word, the nonprofit sector needs to find its voice.

To help it do so, GuideStar has teamed up with the Johns Hopkins University Nonprofit Listening Post Project to get your take on this all-important issue. The Hopkins project has already surveyed its own national network of grassroots nonprofits on the "value proposition" of the nonprofit sector. Through a partnership with GuideStar, Johns Hopkins is now reaching out to a much larger cross section of organizations, and we want to include you and your organization.

Be Heard

To make clear to policymakers, the press, and the public at large what nonprofits consider to be their special value, we need your help. Please complete a short survey seeking your opinions on the attributes that make the nonprofit sector so valuable. Help us clarify the special contributions that nonprofits make.

To take the survey, click here: Listening Post Project Survey

Topics: Nonprofit Leadership and Practice