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The 2013 GuideStar Newsletter Top 10

Bob Ottenhoff, GuideStar's CEO emeritus, used to say that publishing a GuideStar Newsletter article on fundraising or compensation was the equivalent of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. We knew those topics would grab subscribers' attention.

Last year, readers added board articles to the mix. And articles that addressed boards and fundraising went to the top of the charts. With a bullet, as they used to say in music circles.

Here are the articles that subscribers read the most in 2013:

  1. Hard Truths Your Board Members Must Face If They Want to Raise Big Money, by David Lansdowne, published in our August 1, 2013, issue
  2. Three Fundraising Realities Every Board Member Must Face, by David Lansdowne, published in our March 7, 2013, issue
  3. Befriending Your Donors: Interview with Fundraiser Thomas Wolf, published in our May 16, 2013, issue
  4. Questions I'm Most Often Asked about Winning Foundation Grants, by Martin Teitel, published in our December 5, 2013, issue
  5. Are You Boring Your Donors? Interview with Master Nonprofit Communicator Tom Ahern, published in our March 21, 2013, issue
  6. How to Engage Your Board Members—and Keep Them That Way, by Bill Hoffman, published in our February 7, 2013, issue
  7. Making Asking Easier for Your Board, by David Lansdowne, published in our October 3, 2013, issue
  8. Cultivating the Ultimate Board: Interview with Kay Sprinkel Grace, published in our December 19, 2013, issue
  9. Veteran Fundraiser Jerold Panas on the Subject of Asking, published in our July 2, 2013, issue
  10. Feasibility Studies: An Unnecessary Expense Designed to Make Consultants Rich, or an Important Part of Your Next Fundraising Campaign? by Andrea Kihlstedt, published in our June 6, 2013, issue

Suzanne E. Coffman, January 2014
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Suzanne Coffman is GuideStar's editorial director and editor of the GuideStar Newsletter. She thanks the authors and publishers who generously shared their wisdom with GuideStar's readers in 2013.

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