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The Causes YOU Care About: Results of the GuideStar Membership Survey

causes-you-care-about-infographic-small.jpgWe are excited to announce the results of our recent causes survey, which asked GuideStar members and users what causes keep them up at night. Some 675 people participated in the survey; the infographic to the right summarizes what they told us (click on the image to view a larger version). Additional details are below.

So, what are we going to do with this information? In the short run, we'll use it to help us define our activities: we'll spend a little more time enriching our offerings for the causes you care about most, including asking for expert reviews on them.

But we'll also remember that the top choices shown on the infographic aren't the only issues that matter to people involved with the sector. We remain committed to serving all nonprofits and donors in their quest to make the world a better place, both in the present and in the future.

What You Told Us

We asked: "Who are you and/or what kind of organization do you represent?"

You told us:

Respondent TypeProportion of All Respondents
Nonprofits and grant-seeking organizations 56%
Professionals who advise nonprofits or donors 11%
Personal donors 8%
Other 25%

We asked: "Which of the following causes does your organization focus on?"

You told us:

CauseProportion of Respondents*
Education & Research 29%
Youth/Children 27%
Local Community 23%
Health Services 20%
Poverty 15%
Arts & Culture 14%
Environment & Animals 14%
People with Disabilities 9%
Religion 6%
Women's Issues 6%
Elderly Care 5%
Justice Reform & Public Policy 5%
Organizational Development/Management/Efficiency 4%
Science/Technology/Innovation 4%
Human Rights 3%
International Affairs/Peace Building 2%
Disaster Relief 1%

*Participants could choose more than one response

We asked: "Which of the following causes do you personally care about?"

You told us:

CauseProportion of Respondents*
Youth/Children 30%
Education & Research 28%
Environment & Animals 27%
Arts & Culture 22%
Local Community 22%
Poverty 22%
Women's Issues 18%
Health Services 17%
Human Rights 11%
Organizational Development/Management/Efficiency 11%
Religion 10%
People with Disabilities 9%
Elderly Care 8%
Justice Reform & Public Policy 8%
Science/Technology/Innovation 6%
International Affairs/Peace Building 6%
Disaster Relief 4%

*Participants could choose more than one response

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. We appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Lauren Walinsky, November 2012
© 2012, GuideStar USA, Inc.

Lauren Walinsky is GuideStar's membership director.

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