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The GuideStar Newsletter Top 10 for 2011

So, what caught GuideStar Newsletter readers' attention last year? Was it the historic revocation of exempt status for 275,000 nonprofits? The impact of uneven economic recovery on charitable organizations? The launch of a new platform on which nonprofits can demostrate their impact?

You read those articles, and in great numbers. But what really caught your attention were pieces about another issue, one that has great importance to many nonprofits. See if you can identify it from the list of articles below.

  1. "It's the Donor's Ballgame," by Dr. Thomas Wolf, published in our January 20, 2011, issue.
  2. "Top 10 Fundraising Tips," provided by and published in our July 7 issue.
  3. "Fundraising's Worst Mistake," by Dr. Thomas Wolf, from our March 17 issue.
  4. "How to Raise Money without Asking for Money," by Scott Garell of GoodSearch, which appeared in our November 3 issue.
  5. "How to Raise Money for 'Overhead,'" by Katya Andresen of Network for Good, graced our June 2 issue.
  6. "Anatomy of a Grant Proposal," provided by IdeaEncore for our October 6 issue.

Have you picked up on the theme yet?

  1. "Extreme Makeover: Nonprofit Board Edition," by Sue Dahling Sullivan of Citi Performing Arts Center, from our July 7 issue.
  2. "Need a Social Media Strategy? Start with These Three-Pronged Approaches," by Kivi Leroux Miller, from our August 18 issue.
  3. "Adapt These Eight Resources for Your Next Foundation Grant Proposal," provided by IdeaEncore for our August 4 issue.
  4. "Connecting with Donors: An Interview with Dr. Thomas Wolf," from our April 21 issue.

Yes, the theme that interested you most in 2011 was fundraising. We'll keep looking for relevant, interesting, helpful fundraising articles to share with you in 2012—along with pieces on communications, marketing, and branding; regulatory and compliance developments; developing and working with boards; and other topics of use to you.

Thanks to all of our authors and content partners. And special thanks to you for reading the GuideStar Newsletter. Happy New Year.

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Dr. Thomas Wolf Katya Andresen Kivi Leroux Miller

Suzanne E. Coffman, January 2012
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Suzanne Coffman is GuideStar's editorial director and editor of the GuideStar Newsletter. 

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