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The GuideStar Newsletter Top 10 for 2012

Welcome to our second annual roundup of the GuideStar Newsletter top 10, the articles you read the most in 2012. There are actually 14 articles in the list, because we had ties in 1st, 9th, and 10th places.

Where the 2011 list had a couple of non-fundraising articles, the 2012 list is all fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. We'll continue to look for more good fundraising content to share with you this year, although we'll probably slip in some other topics as well. In the meantime, thanks to all of our authors and content partners. And special thanks to you for reading the GuideStar Newsletter.

Happy New Year!

  1. Fatal Fundraising Flaw: Don't Succumb, by Andrea Kihlstedt, published in our April 5, 2012, issue, and
    Why Long Fundraising Letters Outpull Shorter Ones, by Jeff Brooks, published in our November 1, 2012, issue
  2. What's the Math? Three Questions Your Board Members Really Need to Know, by Gail Perry, pushed in our June 21, 2012, issue
  3. Getting Ready for 2012: Seven Tips to Boost Your Fundraising Results, by Barry Ward, published in our January 5, 2012, issue
  4. After the Yes: 12 Questions You Can Ask Donors Once They Say Yes, by Andy Robinson and Harvey McKinnon, published in our February 16, 2012, issue
  5. Three Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards, by Jerold Panas, published in our March 1, 2012, issue
  6. Can We Meet? How to Respond When Donors Resist Meeting with You, by Andy Robinson, published in our August 16, 2012, issue
  7. Want to Raise More Funds? Go Out and Tell Your Story—to Everyone! by Larry Checco, published in our April 19, 2012, issue
  8. Three All-Important Tricks of Capital Campaign Success, by Andrea Kihlstedt and Gail Perry, published in our October 18, 2012, issue
  9. How Can I Be Effective at Asking If I'm Not a Stereotypical Salesperson? Paul Jolly Interviews Andrea Kihlstedt about Asking Styles, published in our May 17, 2012, issue, and
    More Insights into Private Foundations: Interview with Martin Teitel, published in our August 2, 2012, issue, and
    Five Secrets to Keep Your Fundraiser from Losing Money, by Lance Trebesch, published in our December 20, 2012, issue
  10. Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors, by Kivi Leroux Miller, published in our February 2, 2012, issue, and
    What Donors Want from Nonprofits, by Bob Ottenhoff and Greg Ulrich, published in our October 4, 2012, issue

Suzanne E. Coffman, January 2013
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