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The New and Improved GuideStar Exchange Form

new-and-improve-guidestar-exchange-form-image1.jpgYou told us that the GuideStar Exchange Form was too hard to fill out. There were too many sections. You couldn't always tell what kind of information was supposed to go in specific fields. The form was hard to navigate.

We heard you. Now, after intense effort by our IT and GuideStar Exchange Teams, we have an entirely new form, one with a more fluid, easy-to-use interface. The GuideStar Exchange participants who have already seen it say it's a huge improvement over the old form. We hope you agree.

Fewer Sections, Easier Navigation

The image on the right shows the first page of the new interface. This page:

  1. has fewer sections—8 instead of 18. Much of the same information is collected in these sections, but you can navigate more easily through the form and identify which areas are relevant to your organization.
  2. allows you to go directly to a specific section.
  3. provides a brief overview of each section.
  4. lets you link directly to a specific page in a section as well as see how many pages are in each section.

But Wait! There's More!

new-and-improve-guidestar-exchange-form-image2.jpgThe other image on the right shows the Basic Information page of the General section. This page—and any other page where you add information—features:

  1. a navigation bar that shows where you are in the form and lets you easily jump to any other section or page within a section.
  2. access to our live chat and other helpful links.
  3. buttons that let you save the page, save and continue to the next page, or skip the page entirely.
  4. a way to jump straight to the confirmation step and quickly submit your updated form (particularly handy if all you're doing is making a small change to your form).

Our Goals

We want to make it easier for every nonprofit to join the GuideStar Exchange. We also want to make participating in the Exchange more valuable to the nonprofits that update their information. We'll be making more changes in the coming months to achieve these ends.

Suzanne E. Coffman, May 2013
© 2013, GuideStar USA, Inc.

Suzanne Coffman is GuideStar's editorial director and editor of the GuideStar Newsletter.

Topics: Nonprofit Leadership and Practice