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The New, Improved GuideStar Exchange

We just made it easier for nonprofits to update their profiles on our site and earn the GuideStar Exchange Seal. Based on feedback from the thousands of organizations that have already updated, we have enhanced the process in three key ways:

guidestar-exchange-updates.jpg1. Assign Unlimited Administrators to Your Organization's Profile

Have you ever thought that it would be more efficient if different people could update different parts of your organization's profile? Now they can—no more contacting GuideStar and asking us to give your colleagues access. The new Assign Managers interface (shown on the right, although not to scale) makes adding and removing administrators from your profile a snap.

2. Copy and Paste from Word

No more retyping or funny characters! Develop all your copy in a Word document, then copy and paste it into the GuideStar Exchange fields.

3. Skip the Audit Requirement (in Some Cases)

Are your organization's revenues less than $1 million ($2 million in California)? Then you don't need to provide audited financials. You will, however, need to submit some kind of independently reviewed financial statements to earn the GuideStar Exchange Seal for your organization.

Stay Tuned

These are only the first changes we're implementing to make updating easier. Watch for news in the coming months as we introduce new enhancements to improve the update experience.

José Fernández and Suzanne E. Coffman
© 2011, GuideStar USA, Inc.

José Fernández is the director of the GuideStar Exchange. Suzanne Coffman is GuideStar's editorial director.

Topics: Nonprofit Leadership and Practice