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Celebrate the Giving Season with GuideStar


With the giving season ahead of us and the holidays fast approaching, this time of year has a different meaning for each of us. At its core, the giving season is the culmination of what has been building within us all year: a desire to articulate and act upon the value we receive that in turn enriches our work, our relationships, and our lives. 

For nonprofits, the giving season presents an opportunity to engage new supporters. It is now, during the hope and excitement of year-end giving, that nonprofits can make a lasting first impression, building relationships with donors that can be cultivated over the coming years. It is also an opportunity to remind active donors and funders of the work their contributions have already made possible, and present a look at what’s possible in the year ahead with their continued support. 

At GuideStar, we work all year round to amplify the voices of nonprofits. This year we welcomed more than 8 million unique visitors to, with millions more accessing our data through the websites and applications of more than 215 partners, including Facebook, AmazonSmile, PayPal, and the leading donor-advised funds. We also celebrated the first-year anniversary of the Platinum Seal of Transparency, the highest level of recognition for nonprofits that are going above and beyond in sharing metrics of progress against their missions. And our work continues, with a series of ambitious goals set out in our GuideStar 2020 strategic plan. 

As an infrastructure nonprofit supporting the work of all nonprofits, we consider this time of year to be especially full of meaning and possibility. The giving season draws people even closer to the causes they care about. As a nonprofit ourselves, GuideStar relies on the support of those who value our tools and resources to continue to bring you the nonprofit data and intelligence you need. It is only through the generosity of donors and partners like you that we can continue to pursue our mission of increasing nonprofit transparency and informing impactful charitable decisions. 

So as you join in the excitement of the giving season and connect with the causes you care about, we hope you are reminded of the value GuideStar brings you and that you will consider making a donation to us. With your support, you are helping nonprofits deliver upon their charitable missions, making it a season of possibility for us all.

Celebrate the Giving Season with GuideStarBeth Suarez is GuideStar's director of philanthropic relations.

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