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Designing Printed Charity Newsletters and How to Get the Reader’s Attention

Designing Printed Charity Newsletters and How to Get the Reader’s AttentionYour newsletter for your charity is key for educational and informational reasons for your readers. It’s one of the main ways of keeping your followers up to date, and it’s also a great tool for raising awareness and gaining new support, too. Although many organizations have moved to online newsletters, many others have found that printed newsletters still work best with their audiences. 

But how are you going to make sure that people go out of their way to notice and pick up your newsletter? Well, there are various practices and tips that you can follow so that you’ll always get noticed. Not sure how you can make your newsletter stand out from the rest on the notice board? Don’t worry. Here are some simple tips to make sure that nobody will want to walk past and ignore your newsletter. 

Keep It Consistent

Consistency is key with your newsletters. What branding have you used in previous issues? Have you included your logos, and have you followed a specific color scheme? If you have, we recommend that you follow suit with your future issues. 

The consistency of colors and branding on your newsletters is what people will associate you with. They make your publications recognizable, and people will start to want to pick them up just because they’ve seen the familiar colors, regardless of the content or message they’re trying to portray. 

Not only should the design and branding of your newsletter be consistent, but the release date should also follow the same pattern. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, pick an interval and stick with it. Readers will become confused if you start to release newsletters at different times, may get bored with the hard task of keeping up with your publication schedule, and may stop subscribing.

Design Is Key

What’s going to make your newsletter stand out more than a killer design? To truly grip the reader and give your newsletter that wow factor, you’ve got to nail your design. 

First, there shouldn’t be any clutter. Keep your copy clear and concise so that you can utilise the white space on the pages and make your layout and design look clean and crisp. Why not try a bold, stand-out font, too? People won’t pick up your newsletter if they can’t make out what your font says. But they also won’t be drawn to reading if your newsletter font is boring and uninviting. You’ve got to find that happy medium. 

Most newsletters you see are in A4/A5 booklet form, aren’t they? Ensure that your newsletter isn’t lost in the deep sea of competing newsletters. Make it stand out with an innovative fold or some breathtaking pictures that set yours aside as the best there is around. 

Not only does a well-designed newsletter increase the chance of subscription but it also gives off a strong impression of your charity. It implies that you’re well established and dedicated to your cause. A bad one does quite the opposite. You don’t want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.


Have a think, would you be more enticed to read something addressed to you or something generalized? The majority of people will choose the personalized choice. It makes the reader feel valued and shows him or her that you care enough to dedicate the time to personalize his or her mail. If something is addressed to somebody, the chances are they’re going to read it and it’ll stand out from the rest of their mail, too.

Content, Content, Content

It’s one thing getting your readers pick up your newsletter, but you’ve got to keep their attention once you have it. You’ll do this by making your content killer. Entice them with headlines and subheadings that don’t give too much away so that they’ll keep reading. 

As we mentioned earlier, your content needs to be clear and concise. Otherwise, your reader is going to lose all interest. Your readers need to gain something from your newsletter, too, so that they feel reading it was worthwhile and will pick up the next edition. Content can be informational or educational, just as long as your readers take away something from it. 

One way of making sure that your audience will be interested in the content that you include is by running polls. Run them monthly and encourage your charity supporters to vote on what they’d like to see in the next edition. That way, you know for sure that your target audience is going to be interested and will pick that issue up. 

So now that you know the ins and outs of how to make your newsletter stand out and grab your audience’s attention, it’s time for you try them out. Remember, what works for one charity isn’t guaranteed to work for another, so try and experiment with a few things. Your newsletter is massively important for retaining your charity’s followers and gaining new ones, so it has to be on point. 

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