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Do You Use GuideStar to Search for Grant Opportunities?


Some 70 percent of respondents answer "no." What do the other 30 percent know that they don't?

Looking for grant opportunities for your nonprofit can be a full-time job. Identifying which grantmakers are likely to support your organization's programs is a process as vital as writing the grant proposal itself. For such an important task, you can never have too many tools. One essential, often overlooked resource is the information found on IRS Form 990-PF.

The 990-PF is the version of Form 990 that private foundations file. It is similar in many respects to the 990 other tax-exempt organizations file. The 990-PF, however, also contains information on all grants the foundation made in that particular fiscal year, including:

  • How many grants were made.
  • The amount of each grant.
  • The names of the nonprofits receiving the grants.
Unlike public charities, all private foundations are required to file a 990-PF annually, regardless of their income or asset levels. There are more than 94,000 private nonoperating* foundations listed on GuideStar and more than 174,000 990-PF images.

These documents hold a wealth of information for the diligent grant seeker.

*Nonoperating foundations are grantmakers that fund the programs of other organizations, as opposed to operating foundations, which fund their own programs (such as a museum or a zoo).
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