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Eliminate Donor Drop-Off with These 6 Tips

Eliminate Donor Drop-Off with These 6 Tips

It takes a lot of work for nonprofits to get donors to their fundraising pages—maintaining a strong social presence, running consistent email campaigns, running ads—all in the hopes of getting a donation. While these practices may be successful in getting page visits, they don’t guarantee donation completion. To get specific, studies put the average donor “drop-off” or “abandonment” rate for online donations at somewhere between 50 percent and 70 percent; in other words, more than half of the donors who start the donation process won’t finish it. All that effort and money spent on getting a potential donor to your site could fail at the very end. Here are six tried and true ways increase donor completion.

1. Keep ’Em On Your Site

Set up a donation widget directly on your homepage so donors can give quickly. When donors are directed to a third-party site and have to bounce around between different pages, they’re less likely to complete the donation. Donors will love the easy donation flow and, ultimately, give more. If your website doesn’t allow for donation widgets and you must link out to a third-party page, make sure it’s branded to look and feel like your organization’s website.

2. Shorten Your Donation Form!

You’ve seen them before; the long-winded donation forms that stand between a donor and your nonprofit’s money. They’re a total drag. The long forms are a serious deterrent to donating because, quite simply, they take too long and frustrate donors. Get rid of anything in your donation process that isn’t absolutely necessary. For example, you don’t need to know whether someone goes by Ms. or Mrs. If you’d like to collect additional information, ask for it in a post-donation form instead.

3. More Modern Payment Options = More Donations

Make sure donors can give on your fundraising page using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or another digital wallet that provides easy, two-tap transactions. Use of these digital wallets soared by 32 percent in 2017, but only 3 percent of nonprofits currently accept donations made via digital wallet.

4. Tell Donors How Much to Give

People want to support your organization, but they don’t know how unless you tell them. Offer up suggested donation amounts on your fundraising pages, and illustrate the impact of each donation amount so donors feel good about spending their money. You can still include a blank field that donors can fill in with any amount, but make sure to include at least one recommended amount so donors know what level of giving is appropriate.

5. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Donors are giving big on smartphones so make sure your fundraising platform works perfectly on any and all mobile devices. Studies show mobile-responsive donation pages bring in 34 percent more donations than unresponsive pages. Donors want to give on the go, so make sure your page gives them the ability to do so.

6. Collect Data

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could identify donors that abandoned their donation? Integrate your website tracking analytics with social media and email management platforms to easily make that possible. You can use social media ads to re-target anyone who’s visited your fundraising page over a set period of time if you are using Google Analytics pixels. Additionally, most email management systems will show you who has opened your emails or clicked links. Collect the email address of those who clicked the link but never donated, then send them another email encouraging them to give.

Reducing donor drop-off all comes down to ease of the donation process. If you’re looking for solutions, our free fundraising platform includes all the features discussed above, plus a lot more. Check out to learn more about us and why we give our technology away for free to nonprofits.

Eliminate Donor Drop-Off with These 6 TipsDavid DeParolesa is the CEO at Give Lively, a startup that builds better fundraising tech and gives it away to nonprofits for free. Much like a foundation, Give Lively was founded by philanthropists for the sole purpose of providing free and valuable technology resources to nonprofits. Give Lively’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of fundraising features designed to improve the online giving experience for nonprofits and their donors—and it’s always free.

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