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Fame and Fortune Await! Take the NEW Major Gifts Challenge

Fame and fortune can be yours—raise major gifts for your cause and you can be both RICH and FAMOUS!

Enjoy FAME …

In less than a year be revered by your boss, board members, and colleagues for securing huge gifts for your cause.


In less than a year you can increase your organization’s annual fund by 10 percent, 20 percent, 100 percent, or more!

Become a fundraising superstar and you’ll find fame and fortune. Keep watching—this video could change your life.

YES! You *CAN* Raise Major Gifts!

Raising Major Gifts and achieving fame and fortune for your nonprofit is within reach. A decade of coaching Development professionals and consulting for executive directors and board members has given me a front row seat to such success.

Watching development directors ask for and receive their first 4-, 5-, and even 6-figure gifts, and seeing organizations transformed by raising major gifts for the first time, achieving fame and fortune, is my passion.

Just think, a single major gift can increase your fundraising revenue by 10 percent or more.

Think about it. If your goal is $100,000, then one gift of $10,000 is 10 percent. Same goes if your goal is $1 M ... one new (or additional) gift of $100,000 and you’ve surpassed your goal by 10 percent.

If one gift makes that kind of difference, think about the benefit of two, three, or four major gifts.

The great thing about major gifts is you don’t need a hundred donors to make a real difference … you only need a handful.

What is the Major Gifts Challenge?

You can do more than “dream about” fame and fortune … you can take the Major Gifts Challenge.

The Challenge was originally presented five years ago. It’s simple: commit just a few hours each week to raising major gifts.

The challenge caught on like wildfire. It continues to be my most popular series of posts.

The original Major Gifts Challenge offered people like you the opportunity to learn major gifts fundraising in less than one year. The challenge was to read my blog and take the recommended action, investing only a few hours each week.

Now I’m updating and expanding the challenge. It will feature weekly video posts based on new research, new data, and lessons learned.

Here’s How You Can Be Rich and Famous

Those who raise major gifts are the royalty of our sector. They have the best jobs and are the highest paid.

I want you to have the best jobs in our sector. But that’s not my only motivation for creating the challenge. The country and our world depend on your work. Some of our most vulnerable citizens and critical issues need your help.

So I’m reissuing the Major Gifts Challenge and I hope you’ll take it!

I’m dedicating dozens of upcoming posts to help you successfully raise more major gifts. Whether you have never asked for a major gift before or are already an expert, I know you can raise more. And it’s not going to take tons of time—just a few hours each week.

Pledge Your Commitment

  • Watch and Read: Watch my video posts each week. Or read the transcript, if you prefer.
  • Take a Few Hours: Dedicate time every week (5 hours is optimal) and take the action recommended in each post. This is key—you must take action. Some week’s tasks will take longer than others, but you’ve got to put in the time if you want to be successful. I know you can do it!
  • Leave Comments: Lastly, let me know how it’s going in the comments so I know what’s working and when you need more help.

That’s it. Pretty simple, right?

I promise, you’ll raise more money this year and be successful in soliciting major gifts. But, you have to follow through. Deal?

You will be “rich” with donations and “famous” at your organization. Not bad for only a few hours per week.

So … are you in?

Challenge Yourself Action Item

The first Challenge Yourself action item is just one simple step that will literally take you less than a minute.

Step 1: Pledge your commitment in the comments below.

Simply let me know in the blog comments that you’re willing to publicly commit to taking the Major Gifts Challenge. That’s it!

If you’ve taken the challenge before, go ahead and recommit. Let us know how it has helped you. Provide some inspiration and motivation for others.

If you’ve always wished you could solicit major gifts, but never had the confidence or know-how, this is your chance! I’m offering free coaching (via this blog) so don’t miss this opportunity. Come with me on this important journey. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Go for it—fame and fortune await!

Fame and Fortune Await! Take the NEW Major Gifts ChallengeThe preceding is a cross-post by author, speaker, and trainer Amy Eisenstein. Amy’s published books include Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops, Raising More with Less, and 50 A$ks in 50 Weeks. She became an AFP certified Master Trainer in 2009. Amy recently completed her service as the president of the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals—New Jersey Chapter. She became a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) in 2004 and received her advanced certification, ACFRE, in 2013. Check out her blog and video posts at for free fundraising tips and best practices.

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