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Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, Able to Obtain More Relevant Results with a Single Click: GuideStar's New Search Engine

Searching the GuideStar database just got a lot easier.

In a recent survey, users told us that they loved the wealth of information that GuideStar provides but wished that we could improve our search in a few specific ways. We are proud to introduce our new search engine.

New Features

  • The search is faster. Most searches will take just a few seconds; many will come back in less than a second.
  • Your search results will be more relevant. We've fine tuned our search engine so that the top results will better match what you are searching for.
  • We've added a place for you to "Tell us what you think." We want to continue to improve our search engine to meet your needs better. To do that, we need to hear from you—tell us what you like and don't like about our current service.
These improvements will be available to all registered users.  GuideStar Select and GuideStar Premium subscribers will also have user-friendly tools to refine their search results:

  • GuideStar Select users can filter their results to show organizations in a specific city or state.
  • GuideStar Premium users can filter their results by city, state, IRS subsection code, NTEE code, MSA, or income level.

How to Use Our New Search

  1. Look for the GuideStar It box on the home page or the Start a New Search box on the top of any page.
  2. Type an organization name or keyword(s) and click search.
  3. If you're a GuideStar Select or GuideStar Premium user, click on the navigators on the right of the results to refine your search further.

Let Us Know What You Think

You'll find feedback links on the home page, advanced search page, and search results page. Please take advantage of them to tell us what you think of our new search—what you like and don't like about our current service. We'll use your feedback to continue to improve our search engine.

Happy searching!
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