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Federal Agency Taps into the Power of the GuideStar Database

The General Services Administration (GSA) recently announced the addition of GuideStar products and services to its Financial and Business Solutions Schedule. As the agency that is responsible for facilitating the basic operations of other federal agencies, the GSA has recognized the GuideStar database as an effective means of providing federal employees with easy access to the information on nonprofit organizations that they need.

Part of the GSA's mandate is to procure a ready supply of the various goods and services that are required by the federal government. It does so by establishing pre-negotiated contracts with outside entities, including nonprofit organizations.

Federal grantmakers, contract procurers, regulators, and policy analysts all need timely and accurate nonprofit information. By accessing GuideStar products and services through the GSA Financial and Business Solutions Schedule, these employees will be able to make decisions with confidence and perform their duties with greater efficiency. And, of course, everyone benefits from a more efficient government.

The GSA Financial and Business Solutions Schedule offers federal decision makers the full range of GuideStar products and services, including GuideStar Premium, data sets, GuideStar Charity Check, the GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report, and much more. Click here for more information: GSA authorized price list.

Patrick Ferraro, February 2008
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Patrick Ferraro is a freelance writer in Seoul, Korea, and a former editor of the Newsletter.
Topics: Nonprofit Leadership and Practice