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Follow Up: New Nonprofit Profile Preview: Your Organization’s Full Story, Now Front and Center

Earlier this week, my colleagues Scott Menzel and Jasmine Marrow and I walked you through the ins and outs of the brand new, completely redesigned GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. Thanks to all of you who joined us—if you didn’t have a chance to attend, not to worry: view the recording and slides from the event

During the event, you had some fantastic questions. While we addressed a great number of them during the live event, we ran out of time to answer some. Jasmine and Scott have provided more answers to your questions:

Is GuideStar Premium accessible by anyone who works for a Gold-level organization, or just the Assigned Manager? 

JM: One seat of GuideStar Premium access is awarded to organizations with Gold-level profiles. You can feel free to assign it to any individual you like.

GuideStar Premium Benefits and RewardsTo claim this benefit, go to your organization’s profile update page (where you edit information for your profile) and click the Benefits and Rewards link.

Once there, click the GuideStar Premium subscriptions link to take you to that section of the page. Click Get GuideStar Premium Search. Once there, you will see a space to assign a user the seat of GuideStar Premium—you’ll enter their e-mail address and you’re all set!

How do I access a view of my profile as a GuideStar Premium user will see it?

JM: In order to see what your organization’s profile looks like for GuideStar Premium users, you must be signed up for Premium. You can purchase a seat of Premium, or you can access a set of GuideStar Premium for free by updating your organization’s profile to the Gold level!

Once you’ve reached Gold, you just claim your seat of GuideStar Premium (see question 2 above) and login to see all organizational profiles—including you own—in the Premium view.

How is the balance sheet translated and compared from year-to-year?

SM: The balance sheet is digitized from organizations’ Forms 990. Within the Form 990, balance sheet values are provided for the beginning and end of a fiscal year (BOY and EOY, respectively), as well as the values for the differences from BOY to EOY.

For multiple year comparisons, which are available as Excel downloads for GuideStar Premium and Pro subscribers, we insert this digitized data for the five most recent fiscal years so as to provide a multi-year side-by-side analysis.

This looks like a lot more information than you’ve required before. How often are we expected to update this?

JM: Very good insight into the profiles! They do, indeed, display much more information now. But, the good news is that we’re actually still asking for the very same information to bring your organization’s profile to the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels! Nothing has changed there—the information is now just more robustly displayed.

That said, it’s a great idea to update your profile often—particularly because that information is, truly, front and center. A minimum of once per year is a good idea, but best practice is to briefly scan and update your profile quarterly—it saves a lot of time and makes sure our 7 million + annual visitors see the most up-to-date information about your organization.

How do I correct or update my organization’s address in our profile?

JM: Great question. Many individuals viewing your organization’s profile will be doing so to find contact information about your organization, so keeping it up-to-date is a great idea. If you'd like to make adjustments:

  • Login to your account on GuideStar (if you haven’t yet claimed your organization’s profile or if you aren’t currently listed as an Assigned Manager for your profile, you’ll need to do that first.)
  • Click Update Nonprofit Profile at the top of the GuideStar home page.
  • Select Edit Form next to your organization’s name.
  • Edit AddressOnce you are in the update tool, you will land on the Summary page. There is a pencil icon next to the Main Address section located on the top-right section of the screen. Select it and make updates.
  • Publish changes nowSave your edits and when you’re all done, don’t forget to hit Publish!

And there you have it.
Have additional questions? Shoot me a note and I'll be happy to help. Happy updating!


Cody CassadyThe precedeing post is by Cody Cassady, GuideStar's Marketing & Outreach Coordinator. An upcoming nonprofit accounting professional, Cody works to help bring content to nonprofits to help in their commitments to transparency through GuideStar's extensive webinar program. View the full Webinar Archives for more information. You can reach Cody at

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