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Following Up on the Investing in Infrastructure Letter


Investing-in-Infrastructure-p-1-220x259.jpgAs our president and CEO, Jacob Harold, noted last month, GuideStar and similar infrastructure nonprofits are the plumbing for the sector. Such organizations ensure that the information necessary for a strong sector is easily available and help to multiply the impact of philanthropy.

In the Investing in Infrastructure letter that GuideStar and 21 other organizations shared in May, we thanked funders that support infrastructure while asking the sector to consider the importance of our work. We provide the resources that ensure an effective, functioning, and vibrant nonprofit community; to continue to do so and to allow the sector to grow, infrastructure organizations need to grow, too.

With the letter, we hoped to start a conversation, to recognize the hard and valuable work that infrastructure organizations are doing to ensure all nonprofits are able to do their work successfully, and to encourage funders to dedicate even just 1 percent of their grant budgets to supporting infrastructure.

This is just the beginning of an ongoing discussion – between funders, nonprofits, and the sector as a whole. Plumbing may not be sexy, but it ensures the entire sector is able to learn from each other, share successes, and increase effectiveness. And that is worthy of investment.

Here are just a few of the organizations that shared or wrote about the letter:

More organizations have signed on. The letter represents the united voice of two dozen organizations (and growing!), encouraging the sector to recognize the value and necessity of funding infrastructure and displaying the collaborative spirit of philanthropy’s “plumbers.” It is through our collective effort—and investment from funders—that we will bring about the better world for which philanthropy strives.

jessica-walker.jpgThe preceding is a guest post by Jessica Walker, GuideStar's development associate and a regular contributor to our Development Corner series. To learn more about GuideStar's Foundation Membership Program, click here.

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