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From the President's Office, July 2009

Dear Friend:

It's been so interesting and informative to receive your many comments, suggestions, and even an occasional disagreement about this Newsletter commentary, my blog, Twitter, and Facebook postings. Thank you so much. Your contributions make GuideStar better and give us guidance on how to improve our services.

One of the things I like most about all this interaction is the passion and determination you bring to your work. My hope is that you will consider GuideStar a community of like-minded people, here to share ideas and resources, all with a commitment to making the nonprofit sector more effective, more efficient, and more impactful. It is my pleasure this month to announce GuideStar Trust, a new blog that we will launch in a few days. As its title implies, GuideStar Trust is dedicated to exploring issues large and small related to trust in the sector. Why Trust? Because trust is at the core of our relationship with our stakeholders, and it is difficult to earn and very easy to lose.

Because the topic can have so many facets, several of my colleagues will be contributing to GuideStar Trust. Dan Moore, our vice president for nonprofit programs, will be the moderator and one of the primary bloggers. Debra Snider, our vice president for administration and communications; Chuck McLean, our vice president for research; Usma Ziard, our marketing director; Suzanne Coffman, our director of communications; Karen Rayzor, our director of nonprofit relations; Victoria Nadal, one of our nonprofit support specialists; and Carol Brouwer, our research assistant, will all make frequent guest appearances.

We want GuideStar Trust to be a conversation, not a presentation or lecture. It's all about documenting the journey you and your organization are taking to be more transparent, more accountable, and more relevant to your stakeholders. What is working for you? What hurdles are you facing? How can GuideStar help? What can we do together? We're putting the finishing touches on GuideStar Trust, but watch your in-box for an e-mail announcing its debut. We'll let you know when it launches.

Here's to building trust in the sector, one blog post at a time.


Bob Ottenhoff
President and CEO

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