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From the President's Office, May 2006

Dear Friend:

If you were at the Michigan Nonprofit Superconference in Detroit earlier this week, you may have heard my colleague Dan Moore speak, or you might have met him and another colleague, Karen Rayzor, at the GuideStar exhibit. If you missed the Superconference, you will have another chance to meet a number of us at the Council of Foundations conference next week or at several other events over the summer (see the list at the end of this article).

Why this attention to conferences? It's simple: we are determined to make GuideStar an organization that is driven by your needs and interests. We want to learn everything we can about what data to collect, how to present it to you, and what types of products and services we can offer to help you do your job more easily and more effectively.

GuideStar gains so much from attending these gatherings. They give us the opportunity to introduce new people to our site and database. They enable us to show current users features and services of which they are unaware. Most important, they give us the chance to get feedback from you.

When we meet GuideStar users at conferences, they generously share how they use our site, what they like about it, what does not meet their needs, and what they would like to see us provide in the future. We use these comments to improve the services we offer.

I hope we will see you soon in Pittsburgh, San Jose, New York, New Orleans, Palm Beach, Nashville, Hampton Roads, Las Vegas, or Orlando. If you have an upcoming event that we can attend or if you would like us to make a presentation or speak to a group of GuideStar users, please write to me at And if we can't meet soon in person, I hope you'll e-mail me or call with your ideas on how to make GuideStar better.


Bob Ottenhoff
President and CEO