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From the President's Office, November 2005

Dear Friend:

I like to think of GuideStar as the town square of the nonprofit sector. Every day tens of thousands of people come to our site: some seeking data to help them make better decisions, others to exchange ideas, others looking for grants, and still others looking for just the right program to fund. It's an intricate and dynamic environment with many connections and many purposes at work.

In an effort to promote even more interaction, I am pleased to announce a new and improved classified ads section. You'll find it at

What does our new classifieds section mean for you and other GuideStar users?

  • The new keyword search makes it easier to find ads. Our new classifieds search allows you to enter a keyword and find ads more quickly and easily.
  • More user-friendly categories make it easier to browse ads by category. We now have five basic groupings:
    • Events—conferences, workshops, fundraising events, and more
    • Jobs—nonprofit-employment opportunities
    • Nonprofit Needs—financial assistance and in-kind giving
    • Products and Services—from in-kind supplies to software to consulting services
    • Volunteer Opportunities—long-term, short-term, and everything in between
  • Any registered user can post ads. Under the old system, only nonprofits that had registered with us and updated their GuideStar Reports could place classified ads. Now, for-profit companies and individuals who offer services to nonprofits will be able to post ads on our Web site.

We kept the best parts of our old system. First, it's still free. Any registered user can post ads at no charge. (We do, however, reserve the right to remove ads that are inappropriate; please see our Classified Ads Disclaimer for more information.)

Second, and more important, our new classifieds section has the same goal as the old one: to connect nonprofits with resources. You'll still find organizations advertising for everything from supplies and financial support to employees and volunteers. Plus people who have resources to offer nonprofits can now let the organizations know about them.

I hope you like the changes we've made. Please let me know.


Bob Ottenhoff
President and CEO