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From the President's Office, October 2005

Dear Friend:

We are excited this month to unveil Edu@GuideStar, a new program to connect students, faculty, and academic researchers with GuideStar's nonprofit information. As we have learned more about our users over the last few years, we've been surprised and delighted to learn that a large number of students, teachers, and researchers are using GuideStar data every day in their classroom work. The types of activity vary greatly: students use GuideStar to study individual organizations, teachers rely on GuideStar to help in teaching classes on the entire sector, and researchers explore all sorts of interesting questions on the effectiveness and impact of organizations.

More than 600 academic institutions offer degrees and individual courses on the nonprofit sector, and that number increases yearly. As part of our public service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, GuideStar is offering complimentary access to our highest level of service to those strengthening the nonprofit sector through education. See more information about Edu@GuideStar

We are also proud of the September 15 release of the 2005 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report. The report is GuideStar's fifth annual analysis of nonprofit compensation, and we are proud to be able to continue to make it available.

The GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report remains the only such report based entirely on IRS Form 990 and Form 990-EZ data; other analyses of nonprofit compensation rely on surveys that organizations complete voluntarily. The information covered in the 2005 edition is derived from the returns of more than 83,000 public charities and covers 453 program areas, 9 budget categories, and 264 geographical areas. In addition, the 2005 report presents information on 14 job categories—at least one paid position from each of the 83,000-plus charities included:

  • CEO/executive director
  • Top administrative position
  • Top business position
  • Top development position
  • Top education/training position
  • Top facilities position
  • Top financial position
  • Top human resources position
  • Top legal position
  • Top marketing position
  • Top operations position
  • Top program position
  • Top public relations position
  • Top technology position
Learn more about the GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report

Finally, our September Newsletter asked organizations involved with Hurricane Katrina relief and recovery efforts to take a moment to add this information to their GuideStar Information Forms (GIFs). Two weeks ago, as Hurricane Rita approached the Gulf coast, we asked nonprofits planning to respond to that storm to add that information to their GIFs. To date, more than 600 organizations have reported being involved in Hurricane Katrina relief, and more than 300 have said they were participating in Hurricane Rita efforts.

Although those of us here at GuideStar were not surprised by the number of responses, they brought home to us once again the nonprofit sector's extraordinary range and vitality. Nonprofits in every corner of the nation—including Alaska and Hawaii—have responded to the needs in the Gulf states. The scope of these organizations' missions—everything from immediate emergency services to long-term counseling and rebuilding—have impressed us deeply.

Some of the recovery efforts will continue for years to come. I have every faith that both nonprofits and individuals will continue to support them. My colleagues and I at GuideStar are proud to provide a way to connect donors with the organizations involved in this important task.


Bob Ottenhoff
President and CEO