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GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles—Now Featuring 2018 Seals of Transparency!

GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles—Now Featuring 2018 Seals of Transparency!

We’ve made it even easier to find current information on nonprofit organizations. Just look for a 2018 Seal of Transparency on GuideStar.

Our GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles now feature 2018 Seals—signaling that nonprofits have provided current contact information, fresh financials, recent results, and more. Find a 2018 Seal in the left-hand side of a Nonprofit Profile and you can rest easy knowing that you are viewing up-to-date information.

GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles—Now Featuring 2018 Seals of Transparency!

We are implementing an annual standard for earning each Seal of Transparency as part of our commitment to improving the quality of data within the nonprofit sector. We base our requirements for each annual Seal on information that helps stakeholders connect with nonprofit organizations and make good decisions.

When viewing a Nonprofit Profile with a 2018 Seal, you will find helpful information such as:

  • Maps showcasing geographic area served and information about programs at the Bronze level
  • Financials from within the past two years at the Silver level
  • An overview of goals and strategies at the Gold level
  • All of the above plus year-over-year metrics at the Platinum level

You should know that our Platinum Seal holders are practicing exceptional transparency! Each organization must meet all requirements for each of the other Seal levels to be eligible for Platinum, and it must keep this information current each year.


Help us make sure that potential donors and other stakeholders, such as potential employees, volunteers and board members, are viewing your most recent information. As a nonprofit, you can earn a 2018 GuideStar Seal of Transparency for FREE. Take the first step and claim your profile today.

GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles—Now Featuring 2018 Seals of Transparency!Eva Nico is GuideStar's senior director of nonprofit programs. She is GuideStar’s in-house expert on nonprofit strategy and evaluation issues. Eva’s goals are to help nonprofits share their full stories using the GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and to use the information to make better decisions. In her role, Eva also advocates for greater transparency and use of data among nonprofits and for solutions to address the “The Overhead Myth.”

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