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GuideStar Pro Now Includes Financial Analysis Tools

Recently, we added a Financial Trends Analysis to GuideStar Pro—at no additional expense to GuideStar Pro subscribers. This resource was developed in partnership with Nonprofit Finance Fund© (NFF) and applies NFF analysis to data hosted by GuideStar. It upgrades the Peer Comparison function from Financial SCAN to a Peer Analysis feature, which allows GuideStar Pro subscribers to compare up to five organizations across several business model indicators.

Having added these features to GuideStar Pro, we are sunsetting Financial SCAN and converting Financial SCAN subscriptions to GuideStar Pro accounts. Former Financial SCAN users/new GuideStar Pro subscribers will have access to all GuideStar Pro functionality, not just the financial tools.

To help GuideStar Pro users old and new get the most out of the new financial tools, we've created two 30-second videos.

Financial Trends Analysis

Peer Analysis


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GuideStar Pro Now Includes Financial Analysis ToolsThe preceding post is by Scott Menzel, GuideStar's senior product manager.

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