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GuideStar Surveys—Share Your Experiences with the World


Thanks to everyone who participated in GuideStar's survey last November. You made it possible for us to answer the question, "How is the economy affecting the nation's nonprofits?" More than 200 media outlets reported the results.

From grassroots charities to large nonprofits, the organizations that participate in GuideStar are the best resources available for finding out what's happening in the sector. Your input will enable us to take the sector's pulse on a regular basis and report these findings to the national media. We hope that GuideStar's surveys will generate interest in the nation's nonprofits, and that this increased attention will benefit charitable organizations throughout the country.

We invite you to play a role in this important endeavor by continuing to share your thoughts in our surveys. This year we plan to do at least three surveys. The first will be this month; watch your e-mail for an invitation to participate. We'll do another economic survey in July as a mid-year review, and one in October in anticipation of the giving season. We may also ask you for your insights into issues that arise during the year.

We will keep our questions short and to the point so that you can easily complete any survey in a few minutes. We will also respect your privacy. With each survey, your participation will be totally anonymous unless you complete the question in that survey that asks if we may attribute your comments.

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