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Helping in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

hurricane-harvey-noaa-via-flickr.pngHurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast around 9:45 p.m. Friday, August 25, as a category 4 hurricane. Although Harvey has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, it continues to drop record amounts of rain as it moves across Texas. The National Hurricane Center advised Sunday evening that southeastern Texas was experiencing “unprecedented flooding,” and the New York Times reported the downpour was predicted to continue through Friday and that five persons had been reported killed by the storm. CNN stated officials had confirmed two deaths as of Sunday.

August 29, 2017: Harvey's reach has extended to Louisiana, even as its rains continues to pound Texas and cause widespread flooding. Officials now estimate that 12 deaths have occurred as a result of the storm, and they expect that number to rise. Meanwhile, thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes.

Nonprofits are responding. We’ve compiled the following list from news reports and charities’ websites. (Note: the list was last updated September 22.)

Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement by GuideStar. If you’re not sure which organization(s) you want to support, here are a few suggestions for giving to disaster relief and recovery that may help.

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