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How About a Money-Back Guarantee for Donors?

Gold label with a blue ribbon over it near the bottom. Type on the label states 100% and on the ribbon MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEIn the commercial world, money-back guarantees are everywhere. They are a cost of doing business if you want to sell anything to anyone, and theyre increasingly gutsy. We see guarantees of double (even triple) your money back and other elaborate guarantees that might make you ask how those who make these guarantees stay in business.

The odd little secret about guarantees is that very few customers ever invoke them and ask for their money back. Most customers dont want their money back; they want the thing they bought to do what it claims it does. So an amazing guarantee isnt the risk it looks like.

Instead, its the final objection-overcomer: What if I buy this thing, and it turns out to be no good? The guarantee gives you an out. You can buy the thing without that risk.

Thats why guarantees work.

So why dont we have them in fundraising?

We know that one of the most common objections to charitable giving is How do I know this will do what they say it will do?

Imagine overcoming that objection by telling would-be donors this:

We will keep you fully informed about the difference your donation makes. If at any time you are not satisfied that your gift is accomplishing great things, contact us and we will refund it in full.

Think about it. While you likely arent saying this out loud, you already have this guarantee. If a donor called you and said she had second thoughts about her donation and would like it refunded, youd comply with her wishes. Right? I have yet to meet a nonprofit that answers that with a no.

So why not put it in writing?

You will likely bring in more donors. And the risk to your revenue is nearly zero.

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