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How Grants Get Made (Hint: It’s By Grants Managers)

Every association likes to think that its members are changing the world, but for Grants Managers Network that is actually true. Stay with me here: the true heroes of philanthropy are the nonprofits that provide critical services and resources to the people who need them; it follows that their world-changing is directly attributable to the funding they receive from grantmakers, which simply doesn’t happen without the grants manager. From accepting the letter of interest to making sure the check gets out the door, each vital step in supporting the missions of those nonprofits sees the work of a grants management professional.

Without grants managers, foundations are well-intentioned entities full of knowledgeable people making tough choices about supporting important work—but without the necessary strategic roles related to implementation, analysis, reporting, and evaluation. Foundations don’t—and can’t—work like that.

Grants management: it’s where the magic happens!

Grants Managers Network has 3,000 members who do this crucial work every day. GMN members represent over 1,476 grantmaking organizations from community to private and corporate to public.  Our members are dedicated to improving how grants get made by streamlining practices, improving data collection and intelligence and implementing the 'right' technology.  If this sounds like you, come join us!

GMN will celebrate our 11th Annual Conference on March 14-16 in New Orleans. This year we’re expecting more than 700 participants, our biggest group yet, for three days of networking and knowledge sharing on topics as diverse as these:

  • Measuring Equity: The Challenges of Collecting and Using Demographic Data
  • Toward Greater Impact: The 10-Minute Impact Assessment
  • Philanthro-Ethics and Social Justice - Case Studies in Grantmaking Ethics
  • Investing in Change: Foundation Support for Lobbying and Other Advocacy

And because grants managers are an essential link in a strong chain, we’ve made sure to include the rest of the links (senior leadership, thought leaders, program officers, etc.) in our conference programming, making our event an effective way for grantmaking teams to learn together.

Nikki_W_Powell.jpgNikki Powell is communications manager at Grants Managers Network, the professional association for How Grants Get Made. She lives and works in Greenville, South Carolina.

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